The Dogs

You'll find TNEC dogs all over the country. While we do not ship our dogs, we will work with any carriers you pick to transport your new pet. You are also welcome to come pick up your pet and visit our farm.

At Top Notch Equestrian Center dogs participate in farm activities. The horses and dogs know each other and all the dogs know each other. All of our dogs are farm-family raised and will fit in any lifestyle you have.

Un-socialized puppies become problem adult dogs. Our puppies are quickly acclimated to humans and farm life. We handle the puppies every day right from they day they are born. They are taught to come when called and are comfortable with people and animals, including other dogs. They are crated or in kennels at night and when unsupervised. Thus they learn that crates and kennels are safe, comfortable places. We have puppy playrooms where interested buyers can come and meet their future pets.

Top Notch Equestrian Center is state licensed and inspected yearly. 

We do not believe in inbreeding or line-breeding. All our dogs are bred to meet the breed standard.

Our Puppies

Border Collies - mostly rough coats in all colors

Golden Retrievers - English and American in a variety of dark to light colors

Labrador Retrievers - English and American in all colors

  • Are handled daily, so they are socialized to people part of farm life, including being around horses, cats and other dogs
  • Registered with the appropriate breed associations
  • Given the appropriate shots for their age
  • We aggressively de-worm every two weeks or when needed
  • Vet checked before they are picked up by their forever family

When you visit TNEC, you may meet not only the puppies, but the parents and grandparents as well! We retire older dogs long before most breeders would consider necessary. They stay with us as working dogs and pets. Just because they don't breed, doesn't mean their jobs are done. They help teach the younger dogs to be good parents and help socialize the puppies. Ask us about re-homing options for our older dogs.

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